White Creek Christian Academy

Registration is now going on for the next school year 2022 - 2023

New students Please call for your rate for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 school year.

To enroll you should complete the Registration Form and pay the non-refundable and non-transferable Registration / Book Use.   If we receive this form and Fee on or before April 14th you will receive the Early Registration Discount (details below).  Your completed Registration Form and Registration / Book Use, Streaming Fee should be brought by our office or sent to the school address.  

Registration Forms are not accepted nor considered until the Registration / Book Use / Streaming Fee has been received. This fee should accompany the Registration Form.

For a Registration Form,  just click the sidebar or tool bar of this website - labeled 'Registration Form'.  To print the form - just highlight and right click to find print - then print.  If you prefer, we can mail, fax, or e-mail a form to you.   Let us know how we can help.

All students returning or new, are required to pay the Registration / Book Use / Tec Fee upon registration.  Registration / Book Use / Tec Fees, are $300 per student 1 time annually fee. 
also a Monthly $25 Tec fee will be added to your tuition.  Liberty Students will also have a streaming Fee of $500 per subject, 5th-12th grade upon enrollment or this can be added into your monthly tuition. 
If your an existing student and you enroll before April 15th, they will receive a $25.00 discount per student on Registration Fees.  There is no discount for paying the whole year at one time.  All payments are divided into ten equal payments due by the 15th of each month August through May.  
Also families will receive a $25 discount if another family starts with your referral. 
Preschool k4 tuition  is $450 a month for 10 months
7:45am to 11:45am 
Art Fee of $50 1x a year 
Kindergarten - fourth grade $500 a month for 10 months 
Science Fee will be added to your first tuition payment at the start of each new year. $50 1X a year  
Art Fee $50 1x a year  
Fifth-- Eighth grade $550 a month for 10 months
Liberty Students pay a addition $500 per subject  "can be divided into monthly tuition fee"
Tec fees are $25 a month added to your tuition 
 Science lab fee will be $50 added to your first tuition. 
Ninth- Twelfth Grade $575 a month for 10 months
Liberty students pay a additional  $500 per Subject  "Can be divided into monthly tuition fee"
Tec fees are $25 a  month added into your tuition
Science Fee of $75 1x year 
Home school students are $50 a month for 10 months 
 Limited spots available 
Sports Fee students are $300 a year for 12 months 
 Any WCCA sport is included in this fee 

Preschool K-4 7:45am - 11:45am
School opens at 7:45am for all students Preschool K-4 - 12th 
Pick up times each day for K5- 12th  is 2:40pm - 3:00pm
2022/ 2023 school year a Tec fee will be added to your monthly tuition.  $25 to every student.
   For more information contact the WCCA office at 706-865-1917.