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How to support White Creek Christian Academy, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization:

 Teacher Supply List
The items listed below are supplies that the student needs to bring to school and leave in their lockers or cubbies. By doing this, the students will have what they need at school as they need them. Please check with your student(s) from time to time to make sure their supplies are not running out. Parents will be notified if the teacher needs the students to have additional supplies as the year progresses.  Book bags should not have wheels, but they can have characters if they are in good taste. 

Elementary Students      
1 set of clothes in a zip lock bag with the student's name in case of an emergency
Clorox wipes, Kleenex, wipes for art, case of small waters

5th - 12th
in addition to above
Spiral notebooks, pens, pencils  
PE clothes / Shoes

The teachers will let you know if there is anything else
they need in order to help with the educational process.
White Creek Christian Academy, Inc. does not discriminate based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, scholarships, loan programs, athletic and other school administered programs.
Annual Asbestos Management Plan Notification
The White Creek Christian Academy AHERA Management Plan is available for public inspection upon request at White Creek Christian Academy.  This notification is provided to fulfill the requirement of Section 763.93(4) of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, 40 CFR Part 763, October 30, 1987.  All interested parents, teachers, employees or other persons are invited to review the plan, which includes the following items:
1.  Location, amounts and types of asbestos containing materials.
2.  Response actions to the asbestos containing materials
3.  Plans for re inspection and periodic surveillance.
4.  Public Notification procedures.
Anyone interested in reviewing this plan should call White Creek Christian Academy at 706-865-1917.