White Creek Christian Academy

Calendar of Events for 2024-2025 School Year

August 8th First day of school
August 28th Welcome Chapel 
September 2nd Labor Day 
September 25th Grandparents Chapel 1:50
October 11th -14th Fall Break
October 28th Field Trip TBA
October 30th Pastors Chapel 1:50
Nov. 13th  Field Trip TBA
Nov. 25th - 29th Thanksgiving Break
Nov. No Chapel 
December 20th Christmas Chapel 9am school closes after Chapel
Christmas Break December 20th after Chapel - Jan. 6th 
Jan. 6th return to school  
Jan. 20th MLK Day  No School
Jan. 29th Chapel 
Feb. 14th No School 
Feb. 17th Presidents' Day No School
Feb. 26th Chapel
March 19th Field Trip TBA 
March  26th Chapel
April 7th- 11th Spring Break
April 18th Good Friday No School
April 20th Easter His is Risen! 
April 30th Chapel  
May 2nd Field Trip TBA
May 19th Pool Day / Field Day
May 20th Pool Day / Field Day 
May 21st Yearbook / Clean up / Activities  
May 22nd Last Day of school Honors Chapel 9am / Graduation 6pm
Please pray often for our school and other schools across our country. We are thankful that our school can pray any time of the day we feel the need. If you have a prayer request, please send it to our e-mail address at wccainformation@gmail.com.
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