White Creek Christian Academy

White Creek Christian Academy Student Rules Full Steam & Sport students

ATTENDANCE All students (except pre-school) are required to attend the same number of days as the White County School System. Class attendance is expected except in cases of excused absences. Excused absences include the following: personal illness, family emergencies, approved educational activities, doctor and dental appointments, special and religious holidays observed by the student’s faith, absence that is mandated by order of government agencies or court order, and conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student’s health. High school students may have as many as seven (unexcused or excused) absences per semester. Middle school students may have as many as ten absences per semester and elementary students may have fifteen absences per semester. More absences are permitted if there are doctor’s excuses. The same rules apply to tardies. A student is considered tardy if they are not in their homeroom when the 8:10 bell rings. If a student misses more than 15 minutes of a class, whether tardy or whether picked up early, it is considered an absence instead of a tardy. Excused tardies must follow the same guidelines as excused absences. Excessive tardies or absences could lead to loss of credit or automatic failure of grade.     Absences due to covid19 will be excused.  


The Board of Directors and/or the staff of White Creek Christian Academy have the authority to not accept application for any student who they feel they can not provide the necessary type of instruction needed for the student.  Also, the Directors and/or staff will take into consideration the current and past attitude and behavior of the student and his or her parents before allowing the student to enter or return.  A student or parent with-holding information may result in automatic dismissal of the student or refusal of admission.

Students transferring from another school must meet the requirements stated above and the following conditions before being considered for enrollment:

1.  The student must be passing all subjects at the time of registration.

2.  The student's behavior and conduct must be in good standing.

3.  All records from the previous school should be sent to WCCA office before acceptance.

4.  The transferring student and must have both parents or a guardian to meet with staff for an interview.

5.  The transferring student must enter before the tenth grade.

6.  The transferring student must obey all rules.

BEHAVIOR (Conduct) Students are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. A student may be dismissed from school if he or she is out of harmony with the policies of the school whether on or off the school property as determined in the sole discretion of the administration of White Creek Christian Academy. Students are expected to act in an orderly and respectful manner, always maintaining Christian standards of courtesy, cheerfulness, kindness, morality, and honesty. Christian standards should be reflected in student’s language, actions, and attitude. Also, the following are not allowed: bullying of any kind, cheating of any kind, weapons of any kind, and romantic involvement (six-inch rule) of any kind. Also, no gum; no glass bottles or bowls etc; no pets; no horse-playing; no destroying or abusing of school property in any way (this includes books); and no questionable materials (only bring to class what is necessary or approved by the WCCA staff). Any medications brought on the school campus must be turned in to the school office for distribution. The school does not provide any medications for students.  If a student is sick (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc), please keep the student home for at least 24 hours or until all symptoms are gone.   Cell phones maybe used during free time or on spelling city.  During class time Cell phone use, is up to teachers discretion.  Any student who disobeys the above rules may be given writing assignments, work detentions, demerits, etc.


WCCA students should wear the following dress code to school and to all school functions including sporting events, field trips, college dual enrollment, etc.  Students should always be dressed modestly and in a Christian manner.  The WCCA Administration will have the final say on whether or not something meets the dress code.  

Personal Hygiene:  Students should be clean and dressed neatly each day.  Hair must be washed and combed.  Boys haircuts should have the hair off the brow, off the collar, and above the ears.  Student's hair must be natural colors with no wild appearance in color or style.  Make-up and nail polish should not be applied at school, shouldn't be excessive, and should be modest, neat, and natural.  No make up or fake nails on Elementary aged students.  Older students middle and up no extreme nails or makeup.

Shoes  Comfortable shoes should be worn each day.  No high/spiked heels.  Rubber bottoms are a must to protect our floors.  Shoes must have a back (no flip-flops or clogs or the like).  Shoes must be clean and neat.  No wild colors or patters or shoes or socks.

Shirts – All students should wear shirts that follow the following guidelines:  Crew neck, polo-style, or button-up style (no v-necks, scoop necks, plunging neck lines).  Shoulders, back, stomach, and chest must be completely covered at all times.  T-shirts are okay if not overly worn - no frays, no tears, and no holes, and should not be sloppy in appearance.  If a shirt has graphics or lettering, it must be of a positive nature.  No promoting other schools (except colleges such as college sports).  WCCA t-shirts and shirts with Christian sayings/scripture are good choices.  There should be absolutely no promotion of drugs, alcohol, guns/violence, sex, skulls, no tv shows, gambling, tobacco products, or anything questionable in any way.  No wild patterns or prints.  

Pants – All pants should be worn at the waist and not be too tight or overly baggy no rips above knees simulated ware is ok if not extreme.  Leggings can be worn with dresses or extra large shirts that cover bottom.  Students may wear shorts if they come to no higher than two inches above the knees, if a legging type of shorts bottom needs to be covered.  Ladies PE shorts need to be "capris leggings" or 2" above knees. 

Skirts  – Girls may wear skirts instead of pants on any day.  They must fall below the knee with no slits higher than two inches above the knee.  They must not be too tight.  They should be denim or khaki, solid in color, and in shades of blue, black,, green, or tan.

Miscellaneous -  One simple necklace that is in good taste may be worn.  No chains or studded accessories.  Earrings on girls should be modest and no earrings on boys.  No pajama style clothing is allowed.  No fish hooks.  Jackets/coats should only be worn when it is weather appropriate.  Students may be asked to remove bulky jackets or coats during class time.  Any stickers or decorations on laptops, lockers, phones ect.... of a students needs to be clean and modest.  "including screensavers"

CHAPEL DAY DRESS CODE – On these days, all students should wear dressy shirts (no t-shirts) that follow all of the above guidelines and are solid in color in white, royal or black.  Girls must wear skirts that meet the above guidelines in only tan or navy blue.  Boys must wear pants that meet the above guidelines in only tan or navy blue.  No blue jeans or t-shirts on Chapel Day.  Chorus students, Girls may wear black dresses knee length or longer.  Guys wear black button ups and black pants.    No hats or any other head gear. (See school calendar for Chapel Dates.)    "This day is normally the last Wednesday of each month"


 Students should only use computers and cell phones when a teacher has approved it.  Liberty and a few other approved websites are only to be used on school grounds. NO surfing the web during lunch or PE, all devices should be in lockers or book bags during recess or PE.  Only G rated movies.  Christian movies should be first choice.  Exceptions in Bible class with approved films, to emphasizing a point.  Teachers may take computers or Cell phones at any time and give them to parents at the end of the school day.  No questionable materials on school grounds or student may be subject to be dismissed, immediate or three strike policy.
FULL STEAM AND SPORTS STUDENTS MUST GO BY DRESS CODE RULES- while representing White Creek Christian Academy.

EAGLE MONEY – is like having money in the bank. You can purchase Eagle Money in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20, and/or $25. Eagle Money is available from the office. This money can be used for snacks, lunches, concessions at home ball games, etc.

EARLY ARRIVAL - The school opens each morning at 7:45.  Parents please wait while students temperature is being checked then a teacher / staff will give you a ok to leave.  Next the Teacher/ staff will ask your student to wash their hands and report to their homeroom.  If homeroom teacher hasn't arrived your student will go to the office till they arrive. Lockers or cubbies will be in your homerooms this year.  Older PE students will have a locker in the gym for PE items.  Homeroom/first period starts at 8:10.  Teachers like to begin promptly at 8:10 to make wise use of every minute, so please be on time. Thanks! 

  Pre-K students should be picked up at 12:00.  All other students should be picked up between 2:40 - 3:00 PM.  

After school care will start at 3 pm, any student still at the school at 3 pm will be sent to after school care in the gym.  After school care students will need to be picked up no later than 5:00.  
$10 per day per student.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - A student may participate in extra-curricular activities if they maintain at least an overall 'C' average in each subject, if they are dressed properly in WCCA dress code, and if they display good conduct.  A student must be approved by the Administration before participating in any extra-curricular activities.

FIELD TRIPS Teachers may plan to go on several field trips each school year providing there are enough parent chaperones who are willing to help. However, we expect our Chaperones to abide by our rules, also. 

LUNCH – Students may bring their own lunches but where asking them to be non heatable this year to limit the touching of so many surfaces, for students and staff's safety.  We do have a service which we call Menu-on-wheels. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  This year asking everyone to bring sack lunches on Wednesdays.   The school has refrigerators and drink machines.  Lunch is from 11:40 – 12:10 each day.  Also, snacks, chips, misc. are also available in the office. Menus will be sent home on Monday for the following week please have student’s choices and exact money for the week of lunches in an envelope or email menu and send money by each Friday.   If student is absent the day of ordering we will not order for them.  You may use that the next week.   Students WILL NOT BE USING MICROWAVES a teachers aid or teacher will assist them.

HEALTH & SAFETY REGULATIONS Students need to stay home 24 hours after a fever, vomiting and /or after diarrhea.  If positive for the Flu please remain home for a week after the last fever.  Unless covid 19, If student or anyone in your household show any signs of  Covid 19 or test positive for Covid 19 stay home.  Please remain home till 10 days after last fever.    If your student doesn't have symptoms please have them continue streaming from home till family is cleared.    Please remain home if student has a cough that disrupts class then have cough treated before returning to school.  If students test positive for strep stay home 24 hours after antibiotics are started.  Same protocol with pink eye and or any sickness treated with antibiotics.  Diseases such as hand foot mouth, mono and fifth disease, stay home till rash or bumps are gone or symptoms subside.  If a student shows signs of LICE they're required to have a form from the health department before returning to back to school.    Students will be sent home if they have a fever or any of symptoms that the WCCA staff believe would be a health concern to students and staff.  

COVID 19 information-  Students Temperatures will be taken each morning before entering the school and noted.  Students will be asked to wash their hand before entering the school building.  Students will have a plastic protector in areas where a 6' distance cannot be arranged.  Students will be asked to wash hands regularly throughout the day and clean their areas. We have installed new automatic soap dispensers in all the restrooms.  Also we have several hand sanitizing areas throughout the school and gym.  Students will be in their homeroom class till after lunch this year. When dismissing classes we will stagger dismissal.   

  PROGRESS REPORTS Cards and TEST DAYS  There are four terms which are nine weeks each. In the middle of the nine weeks, your child’s teachers will send you a report so that you can see how they are doing. Then every nine weeks we send home a report card. A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; and anything below 70 is failing. 
  Liberty students  e-mail a report card for each term. Also Liberty and Collage students D=60 is passing. below 59 is failing. 

Test  are days of each nine-week grading period. However,  High school students may exempt a semester test/final if the following conditions are met: has an ‘A’ average for that subject for the semester; has not received any ‘0’s’ for work not turned in; has no detentions or demerits; no more than one warning of dress code violation; and no excessive tardies or absences. A student qualifies for Honor Roll if they have all ‘A’s’ and ‘B’s’ yet maintain an ‘A’ average and have good conduct. A student qualifies Wise Solomon Club if they have all ‘A’s’ and have good conduct. 

 Liberty students do not exempt test.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION All students will have physical education and/or recess each day. For grades 5th – 12th, students should dress in PE dress code – which is loose  T-shirts along with loose fitting shorts that fall at least to the middle of the knee line or below.

SAFETY PLANS All students are taught what to do in an emergency situation. Fire drills and tornado drills are held on a monthly basis. The safety meeting place is the parking lot of the church in front of the school. The school is equipped with safety exit lights, buzzing fire alarms, flashing fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and an intercom system – meeting all public safety rules.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS due to weather-  Whenever weather conditions cause White County Schools to close for the day, then White Creek Christian Academy will also close. However, you may not hear them say “White Creek Christian Academy”, but because we are in White County, we will also close. If the roads are too dangerous for White County Schools, they will be too dangerous for WCCA students. However, if you live in another county, and that county schools are canceled because of weather conditions, then you must decide if the part of the county which you live is too dangerous for driving conditions. In this case your child will be excused for conditions that are hazardous to the student’s health.

STUDENT DRIVERS – students are not allowed to drive on our school campus. They must park their car at the church parking lot in front of the school and walk down to the school. If you are driving with a parent, you should switch drivers at the church parking lot. All drivers must drive slowly on our campus. Slow, slow, slow!   


Students can choose an Academic Diploma (for the college-bound student) or can choose a General Diploma.

4 credits in Bible

4 credits in English/Literature  (Intro, World, American, English)

4 credits in Math for Academic = Alg I, Alg II, Geometry, and Alg III

       for General = Math I, Math II, Math III, Math IV

4 credits in Science  (Earth, Physical, Biology, Chemistry)

3 credits in Social Studies  (Econ/Government, American History I and II, World History)

2 credits in Skills for Success  (Grammar, Study Skills, Keyboard, Vocabulary)

1 credit in Physical Education

1 credit in Health/Drug Awareness

WCCA students will need 23 credits to graduate from WCCA.  WCCA students are required to take a full course load as recommended by GA Futures.   WCCA graduates have attended or been accepted to many colleges.  If WCCA  students score a 24 on the ACT they will qualify for HOPE.  The following is a list of some of them:  Piedmont College, Truett-McConnell College, University of Georgia, North Georgia College and State University, Bob Jones University, Reinhardt College, Emmanuel College, Toccoa Falls Bible College, Pensacola Christian College, Savannah College of Art and Design School, Atlanta Christian College, Mercer School of Pharmacy and School of Law, Wesleyan, Tennessee Temple, Embry Riddle Aeronautical School, North Georgia Technical College, and Georgia College and State University.

Students that have been on our curriculum for many years, have maintained a higher grade-point average in college level courses than graduates from other schools.  Several of our graduates have been placed in 'Honors Classes' and/or maintained a 4.0 during their college years; received Athletic and Academic, and Hope Scholarships; and have been accepted to Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, All-Academic Team, and All-American Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi and other Honor Societies.  So 'YES' our students can go to college and 'YES' our students can do well in college.  White Creek Christian Academy is a great place to learn.  WCCA is exempt from being licensed with the Bright From the Start Program.  WCCA chooses not to be accredited.

****All rules apply to any Homeschool or sports students representing White Creek Christian Academy. 

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