White Creek Christian Academy

Registration is now going on for the next school year.

To enroll you should complete the Registration Form and pay the non-refundable and non-transferable Registration/Book Use Fee.  If we receive this form and fee on or before March 31st you will receive the Early Registration Discount (details below).  Your completed Registration Form and Registration/Book Use Fee should be brought by our office or sent to the school address.  

Registration Forms are not accepted nor considered until the Registration/Book Use Fee has been received. This fee should accompany the Registration Form.

For a Registration Form,  just click the sidebar or tool bar of this website - labeled 'Registration Form'.  To print the form - just highlight and right click to find print - then print.  If you prefer, we can mail, fax, or e-mail a form to you.   Let us know how we can help.

All students returning or new, are required to pay the Registration/Book Use Fee upon registration.  Registration/Book Use Fees are $300 per student.  If a student enrolls before March 31st, they will receive a $100 discount per student.  There is no discount for paying the whole year at one time.  All payments are divided into ten equal payments due by the 12th of each month August through May.  If the monthly fee is paid after the 12th, you will be charged an extra $25.00 late fee.
The fees for the next school year are as follows:
Pre-school - the yearly fee is $2,500.  This fee is divided into 10 payments each of $250.  
Pre-school students leave before lunchtime each day.  (8:10 - 11:40  with no extended
  day available).
Kindergarten through eighth grade students - the yearly fee is $4,000.  This fee is divided into
  ten payments of $400 each.  (8:10 - 2:35 with no extended day available).
High School students (9-12) - the yearly fee is $4500.  This fee is divided into ten payments of $450 each.  (8:10 - 2:35 with no extended day available).

Friday Full Steam Students that are not full time students that meet from 9:30 - 12:00.
Registration for 1 child is $15.00 with a monthly fee of $35.00
Registration for 2 children is $25.00 with a monthly fee of $45.00
Registration for 3 or more (family) is $30.00 with a monthly fee of $55.00 for 3 plus $10.00 for each additional child.

Homeschool students that want to take one to four courses.
All students must pay the Registration/Entrance Fee of $300.00 for the year.
1 course is $1,250 for the year 
2 courses are $2,250 for the year,
3 courses are $3,250 for the year,
4 courses are $4,250 for the year.  

Families with more than one child enrolled full-time (K5-12th grades) will receive the following discounts:  
  1st child (oldest child) will pay full tuition;  
  2nd child will receive a monthly $25 discount;
  3rd or more children will receive a monthly $50 discount.

Start up time each school day is 8:10.  The school opens each morning at 8:00.
Pick up times each day for Kindergarten through high school is 2:35 - 3:00
Pick up time for pre-school is 11:40. 
There is no extended day - however you may work out transportation to and from day care centers to our campus with the day care centers.
   For more information contact the WCCA office at 706-865-1917.